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Thank you for your interest in placing an ad on our website. has fast become the main source for Florida voters searching the web to check their voting status, voting history and statistical information for their geographic area.  Statistics from our website have been repeatedly used by major news organizations such as CNN, NBC and Fox News.

Our most common ad sizes are 160 X 600 pixels (Wide Skyscraper), 300 x 250 pixels (Medium Rectangle), 728 x 90 pixels (Leaderboard) and the 125 x 125 pixels (Square button).  You can design your own ad or we can design it for you starting at $50. Animated ads are slightly more expensive.  Just email us the graphics you have in mind as well as any slogans and we'll do the rest.
Advertising Rates
We have five categories in which your ads can run. (In order from least to most expensive).  Reserve your spot early to guarantee the ad rate and placement.  If your position is not reserved, rates may increase prior to the General Election.

Statistics Section: (Run your ad on the statistical page of your geographic district)

By placing your ad in this section, you can target individuals who are interested in your particular county or district.   Price: $65 per week.

Top Level Menus

These are the pages which appear in buttons on the top of each page.  Home, Information, Pricing, Polling, Statistics, Auto-Counter and Contact.   Price: $225 per week.

Registered Voter Individual Look-up

This is the page that most individuals go to upon their first visit to our website.  In fact, most visitors will look up several names which all appear in this results page, so your ad will be seen many times.  When a registered voter enters his or her name in the search box, your ad will appear on the resulting page that contains the voters information.  Price: $375 per week.

Front page sidebar:  Your ad on each side of our home page.

This ad will give you the fastest visibility on our website appearing on both sides of our home page.  It adds two columns (sidebars) to each side of our front page for your advertising.  Ad size can be as large as 160 x 800 pixels.  See thumbnail sample below (your ad placement indicated in yellow).  Price: $995 per week.

Blanket coverage of our entire website:  Same as #4 except sidebars on every page of our website .

This ad will give you the most visibility on our website.  It adds two columns (sidebars) to EVERY page on our website for your advertising.  Ad size can be as large as 160 x 800 pixels.  See thumbnail sample below (your ad placement indicated in yellow).  Price: $3200 per week.

Optional ad design:  Just give us the text and any accompanying photos/graphics you want to appear in the ad.
Basic ad price: $50.
  To get your ad running, simply with your contact information and we'll get the process going for you.
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Welcome back!

2016 Florida Election Dates
General Election: Nov. 8, 2016

The Statewide database is now updated through July 1st, 2014.

You can now manage your online database over your cell phone.  Our smart-phone enabled websites allow you and your volunteers in the field to update voter data in real time.  Call for complete details.

Getting the data you need is now easier than ever.  When you use the auto-counter, you now have the ability to download your data right after you run your count.  Just click on the download link when you receive the auto-counter email.  If you need a security code, contact us to set up an account.
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