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At Complex Systems we build our voter file from scratch.  We take State and County voter data, then enhance the file by adding in postal change of address information and various types of demographic data that can help you target the group of voters that you are looking for.  Phone matching is done on a per order basis so that you have the freshest phone match available.  While other database vendors sell data from all States, we concentrate only on Florida.  Because of our ability to concentrate on only one state, we believe that our data is higher in quality.

We've provided voter data to hundreds of campaigns over the years including Presidential campaigns, Gubernatorial, Congressional, Senate, House, judicial and municipal candidates.  We've handled complete Florida data processing services for Presidential coordinated campaigns as well as assisted in resolving the 2000 Gore v. Bush recount.  Voter sampling services are regularly provided to news and political research organizations.  Statistics based on voter sampling from our voter data have been repeatedly used by major news affiliates such as Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC as well as many of the political blogs that you may read.  We have the know-how and experience to help you.

Free Voter File Searches
Located on the center of our home page is the voter search engine.  You may submit free queries to our database and receive result sets no greater than 25 records at a time.  You may also use the "Free Searches" queries located on the left hand side of our home page.

Member Voter File Searches
Once you sign up for a subscription to our service, you can look-up voters as much as you like with result sets up to 5000 records at a time.  Just click on a search query on the left hand side of our home page and enter in your used ID and password.  You will have many queries at your disposal, including the ability to search for likely absentee voters in your area, likely primary voters in your area, pulling up entire precincts, searching by street name and printing walk lists.  Membership subscription price is only $295 and includes database access through the end of the General election.

Database Purchases
If you are running a campaign, you can purchase the database of voters for your geographic area.  We will provide the data to you in a format that you can import into your own software.   Please click on "Pricing" on the main menu for details.  View file structure.

Database Management
If you are running a campaign, you can purchase the database of voters for your geographic area.  Once you have purchased the data, we will maintain and manage your database online for  you.  You can update, query, download your data, print walk lists and phone lists, and add custom fields all online.  This can even be done using your web enabled cell phone. Please view the sample campaign so that you can see what online database management can do for you.

Pricing begins at $5000 (typical Municipal and House campaigns) and ranges up to about $25,000 (typical statewide campaign such as Governor or Presidential). Designed for the larger campaigns with lots of volunteers out in the field.  Includes initial development and set-up of your online accessible database management website.  Mobile phone accessibility (WAP) and database updating is included.  Volunteers in the field can access voters records via web enabled cell phones, update the data in real-time.  At the campaign office you can view updates immediately and print daily reports based on collected field data such as "will put sign in yard", "will contribute", "amount contributed", "will volunteer" and any additional fields you would like to create. Server side database maintenance and management included through the General Election (tech support, database backups, database downloads to your campaign headquarters).

Barcode Font and Installation
Our lists and reports are printed with barcodes which uniquely identify each voter.  The barcode font must be installed on your printer in order for the barcodes to show on your reports.  The type of barcode used is called Code39.  It uses a fixed pattern of bars to represent a single character.  Each character is made up of 9 bars, 3 of which are wider than the others.  For a barcode reader to decode the bars, it must be able to differentiate between wide and narrow bars.  Make sure to print a test page and swipe the barcodes with your reader to make sure that they decode correctly.

Most barcode readers enable you to automatically insert the "carriage return" or "enter key" immediately after swiping a barcode, that way you never have to touch the keyboard.  Make sure this function is enabled to make entering data faster.

We use the Wasp Technologies Barcode Reader  and have had no problems with the hardware.  It costs $99.

To install the barcode font, follow these directions:
Code 39 Barcode Font

* Download the barcode font.   For windows XP, Vista or above, save the file anywhere on your computer, right click the file, then click Install and you should be done.  Pull up a new "printable" report and verify that you see the barcode font.  You may need to hit "refresh" if you already have the page in your browser.

For windows 2000 and below, save the file to your "fonts" directory, usually located in your C drive in the "Windows" directory (or WINNT directory for Windows 2000).

*  From the Program Menu, Click on Settings, Control Panel.
*  Click on Fonts.
*  Click on File... Install New Font
*  Select the font you wish to install.  The barcode font is in the list and is named: C39P24DmTt.
*  Click OK.  Font should install automatically.  Pull up a new "printable" report and verify that you see the barcode font.  You may need to hit "refresh" if you already have the page in your browser.

Pricing and Turn Around Time
Please click on "Pricing" on the main menu for details.

Florida County List  (view statistics for all 67 counties here)
Indian River
Palm Beach
Santa Rosa
St. Johns
St. Lucie
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2014 Florida Election Dates
Primary Election: Aug. 12, 2014
General Election: Nov. 4, 2014

The Statewide database is now updated through July 1st, 2014

You can now manage your online database over your cell phone.  Our smart-phone enabled websites allow you and your volunteers in the field to update voter data in real time.  Call for complete details.

Newly registered voters have been added through Dec. 31, 2006.  The 2006 Primary and General Election voter history update are also complete.

Getting the data you need is now easier than ever.  When you use the auto-counter, you now have the ability to download your data right after you run your count.  Just click on the download link when you receive the auto-counter email.  If you need a security code, contact us to set up an account.

Printing walklists and phone lists has never been easier.  Reports are now available in Adobe PDF format.  All you have to do is send the document to your printer!  View a sample here.  If you need a free copy of Adobe Reader, click here.
Certain areas of this website require membership in order to gain full access to the voter file.  Please contact us if you would like to sign up. Join now.

Florida Registered Voters

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